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Flarp!Bar 3.2.8! After another 18 months, a bugfix for a REALLY stupid bug that I should've done some basic testing and found AGES ago.

New in 3.2.8: Stupid bug fixed - you can now change the main "focus" hotkey.

New in 3.2.6:

  • Much better skinning - re-skin and move all interface parts, quite a few can be hidden altogether
  • The installer is now pretty good (using NSIS 2 with the ModernUI macro)
  • Custom clever hotkeys to do stuff with the clipboard - launch URLs off the clipboard, take a URL to the Wayback Machine, easy dictionary or Whois lookups - go nuts!

The download link is now on the Download page, follow the link on the left (or the big obvious "download" button also does the trick).

If having problems using F!B with Mozilla Firefox 0.9.x (where F!B reports an error but URLs are loading into FF just fine), the workaround can be found here.

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