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Version 3.2.8 - no, your eyes don't deceive you.

This software is horribly and unavoidably complicated. If you cannot program your VCR, don't believe for one moment you're going to get much mileage out of Flarp!Bar.

There's a help file included; it's not very great, but if you want to get full value out of F!B you're going to have to dig through it for information.

This does not work on Windows 7 (for sure, tested and failed), and probably doesn't work on Vista. I'll have to make a new version if I can fix it, or take the same core idea in a different direction, but right now this file here is only good for XP or earlier.

Flarp!Bar 3.2.8 Installer - 200kb

(requires the VB6 runtimes - if you get a
"no vb6 dll" warning on install, download this