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Important Spam Announcement
The past few days have seen a dramatic rise in the amount of "Joe-Jobbed" spam going out with a fraudulent @flarp.net email address in the header, at least if the volume of bounced spams I'm getting is any indication.

Just in case it's not totally freakin' obvious, this site is not a commercial enterprise, I don't send bulk email of any form (not even any proper opt-in mailing lists). Any spam allegedly from silly flarp.net email addresses should be treated with the contempt it deserves.

At the moment, the most interesting projects on this site are:

  • Flarp!Bar - a keyboard-centric app-launch toolbar with amazing Flarpy powers
  • Shoot The Messenger - if you're fed up with MSN Messenger loading all the time, install this and be happy
  • GlyphThis - It's a bit like Windows' Character Map utility, except you get to set the size of the font you're looking at, and other nifty things
  • Server Magic - How some of the technical tricks on Flarp are performed (the random link buttons, blocking of deeplinking of images, etc.)
New Web Host OK

I feel an inexplicable need to link to telesmeg. Also, I like making cheap international calls from my mobile phone.