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Various bits of rather boring software have been produced, under several different names as I've drifted from website to website. Some or more of it is available here for download - other things I've written may get added at some future time.

CopyNex3 is now in a "complete" state (i.e. it's not Beta any more) and is my first Open Source release under the GNU GPL. I intend to GPL more of my utils over time so they can get better without it having to be specifically me improving them.

GlyphThis has received some much-needed love and attention and is now at v4.0.4 with some very nice new features - well worth the download.

I've got one other old project of mine which I will write up properly eventually - BulkRename is a dull-but-useful utility to rename files by replacing parts of the file names (turn pic1.png, pic2.png etc. into image-1.png, image-2.png, etc.). Until it's written up you can just download it.

If a license for a program is not explicitly given, it is copyrighted freeware - please don't mirror the general freeware programs. Some are specifically licensed under the GNU GPL instead, these are clearly marked and you can distribute them freely under the terms of that license.