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CopyNex is a utility to copy files to the NexII MP3 player. While the NexII and NexIIe do not require the use of extra software to copy files over (they just use a normal CompactFlash card), they've got a bug in their filesystem handling and also don't recognise Winamp playlists. If you use CopyNex to transfer your music (either directly to the player or on to the memory card with any other CompactFlash drive), the Nex will play them in the intended order and you can get fake playlist support.

The current version is CopyNex3 "Final", now tidied up and packaged with a nice installer. Oh, and now Open Source under the Free Software Foundation's GNU General Public License. At the current time I can't say if this tool is useful for the new NexIA player - I either need to get my hands on one for a bit, or get someone who has one to do some specific tests for me. Feel free to try it - worst case scenario is it just doesn't work.

Version 3.2.7 is still open source (I had briefly considered a potential need to close the source, but this has not transpired) - loading and saving of entire sessions is now implemented, along with adding a load of extra switches to load a file, automatically copy it when copynex is loaded, etc. The installer now creates a file association (for the new .cnx3 file type), along with an optional command (on the context menu of .cnx3 files) to Copy a session file directly.

Once installed, please read the Readme while you have a play with the user interface - what little info is in the readme should answer most questions.

Thanks to everyone who's given feedback or support, or said unsolicited nice things about it. It is the most wonderful ego-trip for people you've never met to tell you they like something you've made.

BTW, CopyNex now has its own YahooGroup - feel free to discuss anything relevant, including making your own changes to the code.

Download Now (112kb)
(requires the VB
6 Runtimes)