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This section of the site used to be called 'freewear', but I got sick of the number of illiterate people visiting when they should have been searching for "freeware". So I renamed it to ShirtWear and haxx0red the graphics to suit the change of name. Still the same old silly free t-shirt designs though.

These designs are now licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial License. You can either download these and get them printed on to shirts (or whatever items of clothing or stuff you desire) yourself, or buy complete products from my CafePress stores. Buying items from CafePress will be less effort, but more costly - the choice is up to you.

I regard CafePress as a commercial service, these designs are licensed to the general public under terms which do not allow commercial use, therefore the only person allowed to use these designs on CafePress is me.

Some of my CafePress stores have variations on the designs on hats and other items - I'll get round to adding these to the relevant pages eventually - in the meantime you can email me if you want any of the alternate designs.

Creative Commons License: Attribution, Non-Commercial